Monday, May 3, 2010

JRR/ Reunion.

In talking with some family members about a reunion this year, it was suggested by my sis that maybe we might want to all get together the day before the Jack Rabbit Run, up in/near Cleveland and have a huge family reunion!! I need some input as to who would be up for that so that I could contact a hotel and then try and find some place for us to have our reunion. Before I start ANYTHING, I just need to know who all would be in favor of this. I think it sounds like a great idea, and since most of the family comes to the JRR, what an awesome reunion THAT would be!!! There is a little 'comment' thing at the end of this, or you could just email me what you think!!

Here's a link to the site:

Sunday, January 17, 2010


1. Gabe and Rob Maine, Uncle Donny, Bruce, Matt and Mark Craig
2. Cara Calichio and Larry Joe Pishioneri
3. Sisters...Lauren Battaglia, Cara Calichio and Annie Black
4. Felicia and Larry Battaglia and Uncle Al
5. Zailin Gatts ( Candyce and Mike) on the ferris wheel
6. Annie (Andrea) Black and Grandpa (Uncle) Al
7. Donald, Dawna, Terri, Aunt Tressa and Uncle Don Best
8. Briana, Sheila, Meg (Harris), Ashlie and Grandma Frichtel
9. Sheila, Grandma, Briana, Meg, Ashley Ramsey and Angie Frichtel
10. Sheila Harris and Karlie Ann Wolf (Ashlie Frichtel & Brian Wolf)
11. Karlie Ann Wolf
12. Uncle Larry (Dad)
13. Uncle Don and Aunt Tressa Best
14. Spikey :)
15. Me, Zailin, Candyce, Tommy, Ashlie, Briana, Sheila and Meg
16. Zailin
17. Dad and Uncle Donny
18. Candyce Frichtel & Michael Gatts
19. Matt Kidd, Meg Harris, Sheila Harris, Alyssa Kidd and Maddie Frichtel.

More Reunion Pics

Ok, I think I messed up the blog below with top/bottom rows. I'll do better on this one!! AND I just noticed the date/time was broken on my camera!
1. Getting ready for the reunion
2. Jack Kotheimer
3. Sheila Harris, Maddie Frichtel, Bri Harris, Uncle Don, Cathy
4. Terri Best Craig and Uncle Donny
5. Sheila and Tommy
6. Sheila
7. Scott Kidd with Matt Kidd (left) and Dan Kidd (right)
8. Dad and Mom (Larry and Rosemary Frichtel)
9. Meg Frichtel Harris
10. Our decor
11. Mitchell Kotheimer
12. l-r Will Kotheimer, Mary Beth Kotheimer, Jack Kotheimer and Leah Kotheimer
13. Linda and Alyssa Kidd
14. Krista Wheatley and Anyiah
15. Cuzzbutt Kids...back left to right. Maddie Frichtel, Sheila Harris, Alyssa Kidd, Briana Harris, Dan Kidd, Matt Kidd. front l-r Chase Frichtel, Mitchell Kotheimer, Leah Kotheimer, Jack Kotheimer and Will Kotheimer.
arent they beautiful?

Frichtel Photos... feel free to send some to add!!

top...Chris Kotheimer Tomaino / Chase Frichtel
2nd row... Briana Harris/ Family
3rd row... Billy and Amy Frichtel/ Aunt Eileen and Jack
4th row... Aunt Dee, Aunt Tressa and Uncle Larry (dad)/ Tommy and Angie
5th row...Tank and Meg auctioneering/ Chris, Me, Dawna, TTerri, Linda, Tommy, Meg, Billy and Barry

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Frichtel Fairy Tale ;)

My brother Tommy has told this 'Fairy Tale' since the girls were itsy bitsy. Sheila (shown here with Tommy) and I love it so much. They are both a little rusty, I kind of caught them off guard when I asked them to tell it to the camera, but as you can tell 10+ years later, they hardly missed a beat. I wanted to be able to keep this forever. There are some things that I miss horribly about my relatives that are no longer with us, and so I want to try and 'capture' classic things of the people I love. You may not love this as we do, but it truly is a Frichtel Classic. Thank you Thomas and Sheshe for your performance! xo


Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1. ALREADY!!

Good Morning!!

I can hardly belive its November already. Sheesh. This weekend has been a busy one, and will be even today. Let me tell you, I love busy so much more than NOT. Friday I worked, then did some things with my sis afterwards. Came home, cleaned the house and made a nice dinner for my husband. I wanted to go to the game so badly, but he worked late, and honestly I don't have money for a $6 ticket. Sad huh? My financial life is a mess. Mine is, my husband seems to be ok, but when he gives me money, I feel, I feel.... I don't know. Ashamed that I don't have any of my own. Seems I get paid and the money is gone. Ugh. My husband's mother used to always say 'One day you'll be ok'... wrong! Its more like 'at one time I was ok, then the fit hit the shan'. ANYWHO.

Saturday started of EARLY. Picked up my dad and went to my sisters and then we headed off to the lawyers. There were 7 of us there. Very VERY emotionally draining. Feelings that I bury just came pouring out. I hate that about me. I want to be a stone. Cold and heartless about things that make me break down. (Yeah, I know some of you think I am, but you.., nevermind). We were there for a few hours, then we all went to my cousins and had coffee and muffins and discussed the events of the lawyers visit. I have to leave this subject. Even just typing about it, its too hard.

Took my dad home, then went and did some baby shower shopping, then came and got Spikey and went to the cabin we are having the shower at in just a few hours. Poked around and came back home. Did a few loads of laundy then headed downtown to visit my husband before I left for the night. Then went and picked up my folks and headed to the High School. We laughed all night long. Lately it seems like when we are together, they don't bicker, they quote their favorite show, they laugh all night. I love that. Its never been this way before. Then my sister and Billy came, but Billy wanted to sit somewhere else, so we saved the seats in front in hopes that my brother was coming. Not long after, Volchko came, then some of my friends were there and we laughed and talked, then Tommy and Angie and Ashley (not my Ashlie) came. We had a BALL!!! None of us hit the 50/50, or the Spartan Lottery, but we just had so much fun. Brice saw us and came over and gave me a hug, and well he knew everyone in our 'pack' except my folks, so I introduced him to them, and then Brenden was the star of the night, we went over afterwards and passed out hugs to him and Bri and by this time She was off doing her thing, so we all took off. I have to say, it was such a beautiful night. And I want to say thank you to Volch for staying with my parents while I got the car, and helping them get in. That was so nice of you. Thank you. Then I took them home and came home and started downloading the videos. My pooped out husband was sound asleep when I got home.

Today I have to clean the house, run to Sam's club, come and get the girls and mom from here (they are all meeting here around 10) and we will head down and have a PARTAYYYYY!! Oh I can't wait for Karlie. I wish Candyce would bring Zailin today. I wonder if I could convince her...

Anyways, I am sure you are bored to tears by now (and honestly, I have no clue why you even read my about my boring life, but Thank YOU!!) I need to shower and get a move on. I'll post pics this week of the shower. Have a good Sunday.